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Walking down the street in Taipei's Ximending, you're stopped in your track by the sight of a teenage boy spinning on his head. He leaps back to his feet only for the girl next to him to spring into action. Before you know it, she's down on the ground, balancing her whole body on one hand. This scene is becoming increasingly common across Taiwan as more young people discover the joys of street dance.

The street dance craze strated in America in the 1970s as part of the emerging hip-hop music culture. By the mid-1980s, hip-hop had found a following in Taiwan, and street dance has continued to grow in popularity ever since.

One of the main forms of street dance is "breaking." This features many physically challenging moves, like the head spin and the hand glide described above. Other popular styles are "locking," as performed by pop artists like Show Luo, and "popping," favored by Michael Jackson.

Many who get into street dance simply view it as an enjoyable hobby. For others, however, it's a more serious business. There are lots of competitions which give individual dancers and groups the chance to "battle" with each other for glory. In a battle, one side pulls off a move and the other must follow. The first side that fails to better their opponent's move is the loser.

Whether you just do it for fun, or hope to be the next Elva or Rain, street dance can help you keep fit and give you the confidence to express yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get down and boogie!





謝謝大大!!真的很感謝> !! <

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    許多人進入街舞只是認為這是一個愉快的愛好。但是,對於其他人,它是一個更嚴肅的事情。有很多的比賽,這給個別舞者和團體的機會, “戰鬥”與對方榮耀。在一次戰鬥中,一個拉過一招,另一個必須遵循。第一面卻不能改善他們的對手的舉動是輸家。


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    ~ 中秋節快樂 ~ !

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