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How to choose the best African American lace front wigs?

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    To African American, it is important to choose a natural looking lace front wigs

    1 African American lace front wigs are natural in appearance, so this kind of wigs are very popular recently. It can give people multiple styling options. These wigs can be a good match for black hair, so it is difficult for others to detect from women’s own hair.

    2 among this kind of wig, the most natural looking ones are made from Chinese Yaki hair. It is natural straight and very similar to African American micro kink texture. It is thinner and coarser than Indian remy hair, and is often used in lace front wigs worn by African American Beyonce and Tyra Banks are all the wearers of this kind of wigs.

    3 this kind of lace front wigs are very versatile, and their colors ranges from light brown, dark brown, natural black , red and auburn. You can curl, straighten, dye and use other treatments on the hair, just like you treat your own hair.

    4 When you choose an African American lace front wigs, for more natural look, you can look for the some features. A lace front wig with hand-tied hair will provide more styling options, because the hair will part naturally and easily. Some may have baby hair on the hairline to achieve a more realistic look. A good quality lace front wig can be styled into the same sort of styles as natural black hair.

    Source(s): experience from Uniwigs and ehow
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    First, you have to decide what you want to spend, because honestly, you get what you pay for! Once you have a price in mind, they you have to decide on a type of wig that you want to wear. A lace front is good but if you want to have the freedom to wear the hair more like your own you should think about a full lace wig. To start out and get used to wearing a wig you may want to just start out with a cheaper synthetic . That way you can get comfortable wearing a wig and having something on your head , especially as we get into the hot summer months. Try they have a good selection of all kinds of wigs. They ship pretty fast too. Hope this helps.

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    I know RPG show has a lot of good wigs. Of course, the pricer, the better the quality. If you buy a cheap wig, your lace will probably be raggedy in a week. I, personally, have made my own wigs with wefted hair and a closure and as long as you bleach your knots and tweeze the part on the wig, it will look like your hair!

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