How do you buy books on the kindle mobile app?

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  • 6 years ago
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    You probably don't buy them within the app (though you can check the menus to see it it offers Go to Kindle Store - even if it does, it may use your mobile's browser).

    1. Use a browser (on phone or computer), go to your country's Amazon web store, make an account (including a credit or debit card - a card must be in the account to buy ebooks, even free ones, and even if you have a gift card balance)

    2. Register the app to that Amazon account and let the phone or tablet connect to the web to complete the registration.

    3. Now you can go to in any browser, log into your account, find an ebook you want, choose your Kindle App as the destination device (near the Buy button) and buy an ebook. The ebook will be delivered to your Kindle app on your mobile device (I recommend you have your mobile device connected to Wifi so that won't cost you minutes). You probably have to open the app the receive the download.

    And BTW you can find the 100 Free ebooks at your Amazon by going to the main Kindle ebooks page, pick Best Sellers, pick Top 100 Free (then you can click into categories at the left for Top Free in a category). Some free ebooks, especially standalone novels, may only stay free for a day or two, so when you see one you want, get it.

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