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How are Anabolic Steroids made?

For a chemistry project about testosterone we need to cover a couple of topics, and one of them is how testosterone is manufactured of made synthetically; which is anabolic steroids. I also need to know the chemical formula for anabolic steroids. I have looked and researched for hours but I cannot find how they are made, I tried looking for drug pharmacies and how they make it like eli lilly, or glaxosmithkline but could not find anything thank you very much.

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    I don't know how much detail you need to get into but that pdf should give you everything you need. The two main ways of synthesizing steroid hormones are the chemical transformation of sapogenins into C-21 steroids like hydrocortisone, or through the microbial transformation of phytosterols into C19-steroids or C22-steroids. Testosterone is a C19-steroid. The link goes into better detail, even as far as breaking down all the steps in the reaction that takes place in transforming phystosterols into steroid hormones. As for the chemical formula of anabolic steroids, that is a more difficult question to answer. As you probably know, the chemical formula for testosterone is C19H28O2, and most prescription forms of testosterone, whether it be injectable, a gel etc., are bio-identical, therefore they all have the same C19H28O2 chemical formula. However methyltestosterone is methylated at the 17th carbon position to increase oral bio availability as bio-identical testosterone would not survive passing through the liver so this adjustment allows the methylated version to do just that, however it also gives it a new chemical formula of C20H30O2. There are also many different types of anabolic steroids each with their own chemical formula, dianabol is a very common oral steroid, its chemical formula is C20H28O2. Nandrolone has a chemical formula of C18H26O2, Trenbolone is C18H22O2, and anadrol is C21H32O3. Each different anabolic steroid will have it's own chemical formula as the testosterone molecule is adjusted to achieve certain effects.

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