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本專題是利用Kinect控制滑鼠和控制鍵盤的一些簡易功能,我們用Visual C Sharp製作用Kinect捕捉人體骨骼的程式,用滑鼠操作C Sharp製作的翻撲克牌比大小和鍵盤操作FLASH的貪食蛇小遊戲;本專題的相關研究不僅能讓玩家利用身體姿勢控制電腦遊戲也能順便讓身體運動;如果在未來體感和聲音控制的技術能夠更進步、更成熟很有可能會和人們的日常生活融合在一起,讓生活更加便利。

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    In recent years, we often see somatosensory devices being used, such as in video games (e.g. WII, XBOX) and movies (e.g. Iron Man). If we use somatosensory devices to control the orders in a computer game, then playing computer games will not just be sitting in front of a computer desk and clicking on a mouse or typing on the keyboard. By using somatosensory devices to play a game, not only can we allow our bodies to exercise, but we can also be apart of the situations in the game.

    My topic is to use Kinect to control the simple functions of the mouse and keyboard. We used Visual C Sharp to create a program using Kinect to capture human body structure and use the mouse to control C Sharp programs such as flipping a playing card to compare big or small and the keyboard controlled Flash game "Greedy Snake". The related research for my topic shows that not only can players use their body movement to control computer games, they can only allow their bodies to exercise at the same them. If somatosensory and sound control technology improves and matures in the future, there are great possibilities in which they are blended and combined with our daily lifes and make living even more convenient.

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    7 years ago 娛樂城,公司直營



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    Recent years often see somatosensory device applications, such as video games (WII, XBOX) and movies (Iron Man) Lane; If the somatosensory system to control a computer game instruction, not just playing computer games little mouse sitting at a computer desk, knock on the keyboard only, using the somatosensory system for the game can not allow the body to move a bit, and more into the game situations.

    The topic is the use of Kinect to control the mouse and keyboard to control some simple functions, we use Visual C Sharp making use Kinect to capture the human skeleton program, with a mouse C Sharp turn produced than the size of playing cards and keyboard operation FLASH Snake games; related research on the topic not only allows players to use body posture control the way a computer game can make the body movement; If you can be more progress in the future somatosensory and sound control technology, is likely to be more mature and people's daily lives together, to make life more convenient.

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