Can we not build electric cars?

In the 1930's we made electric cars. In the 1970's we made electric cars. In the 1990's electric cars got a lot of attention. Today, almost 80 years since the first electric car, we cannot make a proper electric car. I went to an auto show, and argued with a Cadillac salesman that there is a difference between a generator built into a car, that runs off of gas to make electricity, and an electric car. Why is this so difficult? We have made HUGE. Changes in 80 years. Why can't we changethis? Thanks.

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    When I was a teenager I thought that the world revolves around technology. Things are invented, they are brought to market and the world changes or so I thought. But it has only been in the last 300 years that science and technology have become so prominent. Before this religion was a major factor in how the world changed or did not change. But silent influence has always been economics and politics.

    The first electric car was invented almost 200 years ago. By 1900 they were more than 1/3 of all cars on the roads. But petro companies were looking for a market. No technology is going to vastly improve the products of oil in the same way that the cell phone has improved in the last 30 years. Instead, during the last 100 years they have worked very hard to eliminate all competition.

    -- They worked to sabotage battery technology,

    -- they supported prohibition when Henry Ford was trying to market his car to run on ethanol.

    -- They supported the prohibition against marijuana so that hemp, a competing feedstock to petrochemicals could also be outlawed.

    -- They were convicted in a conspiracy to buy out and bankrupt or sell off the assets of the US trolley system (See "national city lines scandal"

    -- They supported the national highway system to help bankrupt rail transportation.

    -- And most recently they have bought out the patents for nickel metal hydride batteries and refused to allow them to be used in all electric cars delaying the popularization of the vehicles by another 10 to 20 years.

    FDR was concerned about the monopoly that Standard Oil was developing and its growing interest in influencing government. Using anti trust laws Standard Oil was broken into smaller parts. But this has not been effective in preventing our the petrochemical lobby from being a major factor in politics today.

    Electric cars are just a very small part of the influence.

    What would have been achieved without that influence? The world would be a a very different place. Perhaps industry and technology would not have moved so fast. Perhaps we would be content with a slower pace to our economy and transportation. We may have been content with electric cars for local transportation and a far better rail transportation system for long distance. Long distance rail may have been electrified and the rights of way also used to transmit electricity. We would probably not be facing a climate crisis and the world would be a cleaner and less populated place.

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    They do , just that most of them suck and use more power than a gas car , and were do you think the power comes from ? the oil industry , remember no coal .

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    First you have to understand the greed involved in the oil industry.

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