Exercises to Gain a Boyish Frame?

I asked this question once before, but it got deleted. I'm trying to get smaller hips, and I am a transitioning FtM Transgender. I'm trying to lose all my curves so I can wear more men's clothes and actually pass as male.

So, are there any exercises that can help make my body look more like a boy's? Thank you in advance. :)

P.S. I exercise regularly, I just would like to know if there are others I could incorporate into my routine.

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    6 years ago
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    On HRT, know that, commonly, after the initial changes (beard, body hair, voice change), it can take two years to start seeing real body-shape changes. It's different for everyone, but some guys are saying as long as five years to mature into a male body.

    I'm 18 months HRT and post top-surgery and I'm a lean guy -- I was having trouble building muscle and shape. About 3 mouths ago I started doing Power Yoga -- a physically demanding routine. I'm finally starting to see more upper body development (I'm also a life-long long distance runner and hiker).

    Additionaly, I've changed my diet to take-in more proteins. Not necessarily animal, but the super grains and other high protein foods (remember, on T, you have to watch your cholesterol and saturated fat intake). You could use the protein powders and crap, but they're expensive. Real food is better for you anyway.

    The normal protein intake for an average man is 56 grams per day. The average gym-rat takes in 95 to 113 grams.

    For high protein foods:


    For the Power Yoga, browse through Bryan Jones' videos:


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail


    and Mark Gonzales:


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