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give up和pass up

give up和pass up



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    你所說"兩個字意思很近"的意思是指當 "give up" 意思是 "放棄" 和 "pass up" 意思是 "錯過, 放過". 雖然他們可能是相似的, 但他們確實有他們的根本區別:

    give up: 用在你已經嘗試了一些努力做一件事情,並決定停止不做了,

    pass up: 用在一個事物或一個機會出現在你的面前時,你選擇不去拿它,取它,用它 …

    因此,不同的是"give up" 需要 "努力" 過, 但 "pass up" 可能不需要.

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    Please read the following two sentences to see whether you can tell the difference:

    Should Congress give up trying to pass health care? (US congress has quite a fight for Obama Care)

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    It would be too big a market for potential providers to pass up. (providers will have a big market, when the Obama Care becomes law)

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    The first sentence uses "give up", because of the fight between two parties. The second sentence uses "pass up", because providers just get an opportunity (no effort on their part, it is like a fortune dropped from the sky).

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    When you pass up a chance or an opportunity, you do not take advantage of it.

    If you give up something, you stop doing it or having it.

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    give up 放棄(你有擁有的東西,而給別人)

    The family refused to give up any of the land. 這家人拒絕讓出土地。

    I would always give my seat up to an elderly person on the bus. 我在公車上總是讓座給老人。

    pass up放棄(做某事的機會)

    You should not pass up the opportunity to go to university. 你不應放棄就讀大學的機會。

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