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Marie Owens, a police widow, was hired by the Chicago Bureau of Police 1893 and given the title (and pay) of “Patrolman.”

Phoebe Wilson Couzins, only the third American woman allowed to practice law, and she became the first female U.S. Marshal in 1887.

Alice Stebbins Wells, a social worker, was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1910 as their first “policewoman” and spent 30 years helping to recruit women into the law enforcement profession.

These pioneers obviously had many common traits, but one of the most important was certainly a willingness to do whatever it took to promote real change. There was no affirmative action, no mandate to hire and promote more women, no lowered standards, no political correctness, no special treatment. In fact, these women and so many like them had to literally create their own jobs, and then very often they had to fight hard to retain them. In other words, they had to actively “buck the system” and just get out there and be “leaders” in a male-dominated world.

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    菲比·威爾遜Couzins ,是第三位擁有執法權的美國女性,1887年她成為美國首位女法警。



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    瑪麗·歐文斯,一個警察寡婦,被聘為警方1893年的芝加哥局給出的標題(和工資) “巡邏者”。

    菲比·威爾遜Couzins ,只允許從事律師第三的美國女人,和她成為美國首位女元帥於1887年。


    這些先驅顯然有許多共同的特點,但其中最重要的一條是肯定願意做任何事情來推動真正的改變。有沒有積極行動,沒有授權僱用和促進更多的婦女,不降低標準,沒有政治上的正確性,無需特殊治療。事實上,這些婦女和這麼多喜歡他們不得不從字面上創建自己的工作,然後他們往往只好打很難留住他們。換句話說,他們必須積極地“逆勢系統”和剛剛走出去,在一個男性主導的世界“領袖” 。

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    marshal 應該譯為 執法官、法警 或執行類似任務的執法人員

    絕命追殺令 (The Fugitive) 中追捕哈里遜福特的湯米李瓊斯

    職稱就是 Deputy Marshal

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