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Can I cancel the annual subscription on after using a month?


I'm about to use but if I use this with annual payment subscribtion

can I cancel it after using a month?

Then do I just need to pay $7 for a month or $40 for a month that I uesd?

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    Here is their cancelation policy from their FAQ page:

    *You may cancel your recurring subscription at any time. Please note, this will not automatically refund any new or recent recurring charges.

    Follow these steps to cancel your recurring subscription revert to free Basic membership:

    Login to your account and go to your Account Settings

    Click the link to "Stop Recurring Payment"

    Follow the instructions on the page to confirm cancellation*

    Looks like you still have to pay even if you cancel. For the rest of your remaining subscription time.

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    don't pay annual you will pay for the full year.

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