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any good science projects?


i'm not looking for just any science project. the thing is intel ISEF competition is coming and the idea i need isn't supposed to be normal it's supposed to be something that can change the world or something. like for example, a girl made paper out of chicken feather's and came in second. so i need something like that.

you're help will very much be appreciated.

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    See the best answer at the first reference. For someone who takes the science fair seriously, see the second reference. Yes the idea should be original. But you can learn what a science fair is all about, and see examples of good ones.

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    Keep your eyes open and look for problems that need solving or things that could be done more efficiently.

    You could always talk to a particular group of people, like seniors or disabled people, and see if they have problems in daily life that might be solved somehow, from opening packages to using TV remotes to crossing the road.

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    The idea is to come with something original yourself. That's half the award.

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