what religion would i be?

I believe in God, Jesus and in the Bible. HOWEVER I also believe that a "god" is someone who is more advanced that u or I. SO I believe that with much evidence from many thousands of years that "GOD" is an extraterrestrial. What religion would that make me? I believe our creator "god" is a species of alien that has been monitoring our world for many thousands of years. I believe that Jesus would not have been able to do the things that he was able to do unless he was more advanced.

After watching Star Trek - Deep space Nine. I was thinking of the Bajoran people and their gods that were the "worm hole aliens" lol The Bajoran people worshiped an higher evolved species.They they thought of as "GODS"

ALSO... Star gate. The whole theories of the star gate . (not the gate) just the way the people worships the "GODS" that where just more advanced species than they were.

Its easy to say oh i believe in this or that, but when you sit down and truly think of the meaning of life and truly try to put into words how you think and feel its becomes very complicated.

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    7 years ago
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    So what u are saying is that u bielive in jesus yet u don't think that he was a man because what he did can't be done by a human, i see what u mean and i think it is logical, well for me as a muslim person God isn't a person neither an alien and the feature of evolution or advancing doesn't apply on him because he has the utter power (unlimited power) that's why he doesn't need to improve his abilities, i think that whom i can call god.

    By the way jesus (peace be upon him) is considered as a prophet of God (allah) in islam and god doesn't have a son simply because he isn't a human

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    A god with God of the bible. Contradicts itself. You can't believe there's a god while God says He is the only God. God's son is the Christ. He doesn't need power from someone else. That a god is the true God in the bible. Why does there need to be God and a god. To me you're a Christian with confusion....

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    7 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    if u believe in god, u dont have to belueve in a religion

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