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Why are there two different spider man movie series?

So there is a trilogy of "Spider-Man" from 2002 to 2007. And now there is a whole new series of "The Amazing Spider-Man". Why are there two separate series? They are both from the same producers, only different actors and characters. Why did they start from scratch instead of making Spider-Man 4?

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    Everyone thought Spiderman 3 was kind of a mess. Apparently there was already friction between Sony (the studio that makes these movies) and the director Sam Raimi when they were making the movie. I read that they made him include Venom even though he didn't really want to. Well after the movie came out they asked him to do Spiderman 4, and he was going to do it but they would not give him enough time and they again were limiting his creative control. He didn't want to deal with all of that anymore so he quit and then Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst followed suit. Well the problem is that Sony can only maintain the rights to Spiderman as long as they are actually making Spiderman movies. If they go too long without making a Spiderman movie, then the rights revert back to Marvel Studios (owned by Disney). The same goes for Fox's properties, they have been able to keep X-Men obviously and they are also keeping Fantastic Four because they are rebooting it, but they decided to just not make any more Daredevil, Ghost Rider or Punisher movies so all of those are Marvel's again. Well because Spiderman might be Marvel's most recognizable character, Sony didn't want to lose him so they decided they had to make another one as soon as possible and they rebooted the franchise with a new director and cast.

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    Spider Man Movie Series

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    Many years ago, before Marvel had a movie division, they sold the movie rights to several of their characters to Sony. The agreement was that Sony got the rights as long as they used the characters. If a certain number of years passed without those characters being in a movie, the rights would revert to Marvel. The characters included all of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Blade and more. Some of them have reverted back to Marvel because there have been no movies (Marvel now has Blade and Ghost Rider again). Sony believes that Spider-Man and the others will still make money, so they're making new movies to hold on to the movie rights.

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    Syd had it mostly right

    Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Director Sam Ramni only signed on originally for 3

    After part 3 came out SONY said they wanted to do 3 more movies and it didnt matter the cast or director.

    HOWEVER and im pretty sure they've never revealed all the reasons, but SONY and Ramnii had disagreements over how they they would be made.

    Dunst, Maguire and Ramnii singed on for part 4 and said they would see from there.

    However when Ramnii threatened to quit, Dunst and Maguire said they would not do spiderman without him

    When Ramnii quit they quit within minutes after.

    So SONY had to make a decision. recast 3 sequels or reboot.

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    i love spiderman and the movies, but i don't think that they are the best trilogy ever. it is one of the best, but not the itself anyways, Lucas gave us the best trilogies and i'm not just talking star wars. he also gave us Indiana Jones which give us that suspens, action, plot, and humor that you were talking about. i'm knot knocking Spider-man at all. i love the movies, i just think that there are different factors that play into being the best trilogy ever. however, if we were talking best super-hero trilogy, with out a doubt hands down, Spidey wins! and for all the Frodo-ites out there, sorry, LOTRs was good and well done, not the best. you should watch Clerks II and Randal will give you the reason why LOTRs could never be #1

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    Because there were two different comic book stories, Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider Man. They have the same characters and same basic plot but different story arcs.

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    ...because everyone has their own idea on how a Spiderman movie should go. So if you have a million dollars to spare and you have a different idea on how Spiderman should be film you too can produce your very own Spiderman movie.

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    That's a tricky question.

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