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一一 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

說明 worhty worth worthwhile的用法

如題 這幾個字我搞不太清楚呢!! 麻煩大家了~~~

1.The handbag Jenny is carrying is ______ ten thousand dollars.

(A)worthy (B)worth (C)worth of (D)worthwhile

2._____ of the experiments John conducted _____ failed, so he has to do them all over again.

(A)Most : have (B)Almost : have (C)Most: has (D)Almost : has


3 It is _____ to take this challenge, because you may be promoted if you succeed.

(A)worth (B)worthwhile (C)worthy (D)worthy of

4.How was it possible to walk for an hour through the woods and see nothing ____.

(A)worth being noted (B)worth to be noted (C)worthy to note (D)worthy of being



Update 2:

為什麼不能跟of 使用?

還有most 跟most of 有甚麼差嗎?

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  • 7 years ago
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    worth (#1, (B)worth)

    (1) 形容詞"值...的" " 相當於...的價錢" "有...價值的" " 值得..."的

    (2) 直接接名詞或動名詞(be worth + N/ Ving)

    (3) 多用名詞或動詞的主動形式(Ving)表示被動意義

    worthy (#4, (D)worthy of being noted)

    (1) 形容詞"值得...的" "有價值的" "值得尊敬的" " 應得到...的"

    (2) 接介係詞of 名詞或動名詞(be worthy of N/Ving)

    (3) 通常of後的動詞都接被動

    worthwhile (#3 (B)worthwhile)

    (1) 形容詞"值得的" "值得做的" " 有意義的"

    (2) 接動名詞或to加動詞原形(be worthwhile + Ving/to Vr.)


    "almost" 是副詞, 所以你需要選擇 (A)Most, have.

    "most" 與複數動詞使用

    2014-05-09 06:58:45 補充:

    請仔細閱讀每一個情況, 它們的區別是如此的小, 你可能沒有注意到它們的差異.

    2014-05-09 07:29:44 補充:

    因為我的中文打字不好,所以一些中文是以"cut and paste" 完成的.

    2014-05-09 21:17:40 補充:


    副詞可放在句首, 但這一句是 "… of the experiments …" 副詞不能與 "of" 使用. 如果你想使用

    "almost", 你把句子寫成

    Almost all the experiments John conducted have failed, so he has to do them all over again.

  • 7 years ago

    1.(B)worth=having a value in money

    2.(C)=Most : has , has is singular nearest to John.

    3.(B)=worth-while; It is worthy-while to include really this promotion challenge.

    4,(C)=worthy to note=worthy of note=to be worthy of seeing something.

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