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Time zone flight question?

If I start my flight in EST time, (or Charlotte,NC to be exact) and my flight takes off at say 4:00 pm and fly to HAST time zone (Hawaii) and the total flight time is about 10 hours long, what time, in HAST time, will i land? If possible tell me how you were able to determine this as well. I'm kinda bad at math.

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    The easy way to do this and I have done this traveling the world for years, is at time of departure after you board your flight, set your watch to the time at your destination. In the case of East Coast versus Hawaii time, subtract 6 hours. Then, listen to your pilot's announcement when he tells you how long the flight will be from take off till landing and what your expected arrival time is in Hawaii. Since your clock is now set to that time, you can monitor the length of time you have left in the air before landing. Note that when flying East to West, you are usually flying against the prevailing winds aloft, so your flight times should be longer, but that is also usually built into the schedule. So, for example, 10 hours over, but only 9 hours or less on the return...

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    Your ticket should tell you your arrival and departure times for the flight, and they are listed in local times to the airport.

    HAST is 6 hours behind EST. If you leave at 4pm EST, and travel takes 10 hours, then you would be landing at 2am EST, which would be 8pm HAST.

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    Your ticket will tell you the times in the local time. May not say when you will land, but might have an estimate.

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    Its related to your local time..

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    1600 EST is 1000 HAST

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