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the Israel lobby?

I am writing an research paper on the lobbying and/or the Israel lobby. I am trying to keep it as objective as possible.

What sorts of topics other than lobbying and the history or the Israel lobby would be good to know about?

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    Well, if you truly want to keep it "objective" then you should start with the realization that:

    - Lobbying for Israel in Washington is like any other lobbying for any other cause, i.e. there is nothing "nefarious" or "unseemly" about it. (Anti Israle people tend to portray it as the "monster under Washington's bed".)

    - AIPAC, while a well funded lobby group, is not even the largest. That would be AARP. (The one for Retired People.)

    - The US would tend to be pro Israel even if there was no Israel lobby.

    - AIPAC is primarily an American organization. While they lobby for Israel their own viewpoints on certain issues may be different than the current Israeli government. They certainly do not "take directions" from Israel.

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    The influence of the Evangelical Christian Right. They are very supportive of Isreali and it's capital recognized as Jerusalem and recapturing control of the Temple Mount and rebuilding the Temple of Solomon, which many Christians believe necessary in ushering in the the second coming of Christ.

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  • 6 years ago

    Spying, Aipac does a bit of that.

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