What is the "legal" difference between recording a show onto a disk and copying music from the cd?

Please be detailed, and if their are any specific laws please state them thanks!! :D

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    7 years ago
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    It would help if your question was more detailed.

    If you're talking about TV shows in the U.S., it was found once upon a time that users were simply time-shifting content for which they'd already paid. So recording to a VCR (at the time) and watching later wasn't a problem.

    When you copy music from a CD, you're making additional copies of the original material at original quality. You're then able to do things with them that you would not have otherwise been able to do. Normally if you record a TV show, you still have to watch it at the same TV, just later. When you have a CD, and then you make mp3s, you suddenly have "portable" copies you wouldn't otherwise have, that you might start putting onto multiple devices, or giving to other people. That's a problem.

    Anyway, some countries permit people to make mp3s off their CDs, others call it copyright infringement, but it's not commonly enforced.

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