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How can Scott Brooks have job security and Mark Jackson not?

I simply don't understand what Mark Jackson did to get fired. All he did was take over a team that has historically been awful, and with pretty much the same core players they had before, win 47+ games two years in a row and win a playoff series last year. And it's not like they weren't competitive in the playoff series against the Clippers this year. In fact, they were probably more competitive in the series than I would have expected them to be on paper, especially without their top interior defender in Bogut to guard Griffin.

Meanwhile Scott Brooks over the last five years has had the 2nd best player in the NBA (Durant), a top 5 point guard (Westbrook), the best shot blocker (Ibaka), and until the past 2 years the best sixth man (Harden). What does Brooks have to show for this? 1 measly Finals appearance (where he was embarrassingly outcoached) and 0 championships. It honestly amazes me that Brooks hasn't gotten more criticism and that he's lasted this long. It must be the result of coaching a small market team. I can't see any way he'd have lasted this long in a large market.

Anyways it just boggles my mind that Mark Jackson would get fired for losing to the Clippers (a more talented team on paper) in 7 hard-fought games, and yet Scott Brooks, who has had 5 years with an immensely talented team and done next to nothing with it, keeps his job year after year.

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    You my friend are right on the money. Brooks is a horrible coach who has no system no philosphy unless your system is to give the ball to Durant and Westbrook and have no ball movement whatsoever your system than yah good system NOT! They don't even run any plays! He is not a coach you can count on dude. Do you say to yourself when Brooks gets totally out coached like he did yesterday and say to yourself. Oh no worries Scott Brooks will make adjustments! No you say to yourself damn we are screwed! Brooks is horrible at making adjustments! It was proven last year I don't care if they didn't have Westbrook he didn't make Durant better by giving him open looks or adjusting offense and defense at all. Here is going to be his dumb adjustment Monday. The gameplan for game 1 was to give the Ball to Durant and Westbrook. You know what his genius adjustment will b e? Im gonna guess lets switch it around and give the ball to Westbrook and Durant. Great adjustment Scotty Brooks aka genius of the world.

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    Scott Brooks doesn't have job security. In fact, if the Thunder lose this series, I think there is a good chance that he is fired, and if he isn't fired, it is pretty much a Finals-or-Fired 2015 season. The Thunder aren't going to shake up the team without giving another coach a chance to work Durant and Westbrook together.

    If they lose, I think they should absolutely fire him. You never know how long a championship window stays open, and you have to try something different going into next year.

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