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What are some movies with (preferably nonviolent) deaths in them or that deal with death?

I'm doing a project on how people deal with death - whether it be the person dying, family members of the deceased, etc. Some movies that I have so far are the Titanic, The Lion King, The Bucket List, The Notebook, Bambi, etc.

I need 200 movies and so far I have 75.

Deaths can be violent if you think it's possible for me to take out a clip from the movie that doesn't include showing the death but will allow me to show how people dealt with it.

Thank you for your help!

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    There is a movie called Margaret about a young woman who grapples with her guilt and sorrow after she distracts a bus driver and he runs over someone and kills that person.It deals with how a number of people cope with death in different ways.

    You likely already have Terms Of Endearment ,Beaches,My Girl and Stand By Me...

    The Girl In The Park is about a woman who never really got over her daughter and becomes attached to a young woman she pretends is her daughter.A similar theme is shown in the film Welcome To The Rileys with a couple who take in a troubled teen girl to cope with the loss of their teen daughter.

    Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys deals with sudden,tragic loss of life and how adolescents deal with it.

    An old film from the 80s called 'night Mother is about how a woman plans her suicide and how her mother copes with her daughter's suicidal talk with denial and distraction only to have the daughter die in the end.

    The Mighty deals with both grief over a murder and a boy slowly dying of a disease/disorder.

    The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada isn't violent but does show the man's corpse throughout the whole movie,so I'm not sure about that one,but maybe.

    River's Edge shows how some people can have emotional detachment,almost apathy in response to death.

    Also a Canadian film called Blood Pressure,which might seem like it's not about death at first but,it becomes clear it is about grief and death in the end.

    Hope this has helped somehow.Good luck on your project.

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    The Lovely Bones is a perfect example. The entire movie centers around a teenage girl trying to cope with the fact that she was murdered by a pedophile, and the family facing hardships in coping with her loss. There is no violence in the movie.

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    Any Romeo and Juliet Movie

    Dead Poets Society- suicide

    Dear John- family members dying

    What's Eating Glibert Grape- Family members dying

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