Does anyone know any cheap but nice villa holidays? Or a good website?

I don't mind where we go preferably inside Europe though i.e. Spain, Tenerife, etc. :)

We're hoping to go from Gatwick / Any London / Bournemouth (we live in Portsmouth UK)

For 7 - 10 Nights around September / October time this year

There will be 8 of us going - All adults

Also if flights aren't included how much roughly will they cost?

I also have bad leg problems so cannot walk far and don't do well with hills.

Only things we'd like is at least 4 bedrooms as we're all couples and a private heated pool :)

Thanks so much in advance!

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  • MrBen
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    7 years ago
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    I usually find it cheaper and more flexible to organise it separately - i.e villa rental, flights, car hire etc booked separately.

    There are lots of sites with villas for rent - I quite like and look for places with good reviews.

    For flights, I usually book direct with the airline - bear in mind it can be cheaper to book each way separately - for example I flew to Tenerife on one trip, flying out with Norwegian and back with Monarch.

    If you are hiring a car, I've found quite good. They are a broker and use lots of different hire companies, and will be upfront about fuel policies, which not all brokers are. (i.e. is it full/full when you bring back car full of fuel, or full/empty when you pay for fuel when picking up the car).

  • NiNI
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    7 years ago

    airbnb or homeaway

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