eBay 交易糾紛如何向賣家用英文抱怨及處理








I'm sorry that you feel bad. I do respond to your emails. You email a lot and I am very busy so I can't always email the same day but I always get back to you. Once again I had to go to the post office to mail this which took a few hours of my day. I didn't respond sooner because I have not been in my office to grab the tracking number. I am the one out over $100 in shipping and an extra shirt and didn't even ask for pictures so if you think that I am making you feel bad, I apologize but I do feel that I have tried my best to accommodate you.


Thank you, I will email you your new tracking number on Monday.


I'm sorry, I was out of town and left to go riding on Thursday. So while you were emailing I had no internet. What I have said from the beginning is I would send a replacement or give you a refund. No where in there did I say you should return the damaged one or pay for freight. I will get the new one out to you Monday


If you would like a replacement please let me know. I feel terrible about this.


I am really sorry. I packaged it in a box but for some reason it wouldn't go through paypal ship now so I sent my assistant to the post office with your box. Unfortunately I never thought that she would take it out of the box and put it in a express package envelope. I just asked her and she confirmed that she did. Which would you prefer, a refund or a replacement.

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    請到以下連結「調解中心」解決問題來提出申訴 :



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    版主, 你不用想太多, 賣家未照原本約定, 不是你的錯, 他們就怕你告, 我若是你, 直接告, 等事解決再來替賣家修正feedback.你不告, 他認為你不懂, 就吃定你。

    在e bay, 就算他不退錢, e bay認為你有理, 有證據, 會直接退給你的。不用担心。

    很多賣家不太好, 你訂前先查feedback, 若有未收到, 或東西和描述不合之類feedback, 勸你別下標。

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