How far can France go in World Cup 2014?

They are in Group E with Ecuador, Switzerland and Honduras. On paper you would expect them to go through and most likely come 1st due to their pool of talent their defence is solid they have players like Koscielny, Mangala, Varane and full backs like Clichy and Sagna who are very good. Their midfield is looking good with players like Ribery, Matiudi, Pogba, Cabaye and Griezzmane who has had a fantastic season with Sociedad its up front were you wonder can Benzema be prolific with subs of Giroud and Remy.

If France come 1st they will most likely play Bosnia or Nigeria who should come 2nd assuming Argentina come 1st. Although Nigeria VS France won't be that easy you would expect France to maybe just edge it which could take them to quarter finals.

How far do you think France will reach? I think they will reach quarters but then knocked out but you never know

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  • 6 years ago
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    I think this time France will get further than last world cup (which is a disaster) considering the amount of young talents they have.

    If they use the kind of team that played against Ukraine (return leg) and Netherlands they will get as far as quarter final if they win the group and they face any team other than Argentina in group F.

    If they get to the quarter finals they will more likely face Germany so I am not sure what will happen to them although France have a fare chance.

    But as in my opinion I won't be too dissapointed if France don't make past qf because it is not a bad result as well as it gives younger players such as Pogba , Mangala, Varane and Griezmann the experience needed to lead France in 2016 euros where they have a big chance of winning in their home soil.

    With so many young players blooming like Zouma, Laporte, Digne, Kondogbia, Grenier, Thauvin, Lacazette, etc. I predict a better future for France .

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  • Beau
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    6 years ago

    I think France will finish 2nd in Group E and not 1st, but they will probably make the Final

    The French are one of many teams that start a tournament slowly because they are a conservative side.

    I can see France drawing against Honduras in their first match, and then drawing again against Switzerland in their second match (down to the Swiss being a defensive side). Then with their backs against the wall they will achieve the necessary score against Ecuador to progress.

    Looking at France's first matches in their most recent tournaments demonstrates my theory quite nicely...

    1-1 England (2012 Euro), 0-0 Uruguay (2010 WC), 0-0 Romania (2008 Euro), 0-0 Switzerland (2006 WC) ...

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  • 6 years ago

    I predict quarter finals.

    I think they have a fortunate group, not necesarilly saying a walk in the park for them and then they have been terrible in the past and something similar can happen but I reckon they will top the group and Deschamps is a good manager, they did well in the qualifiers and unlucky to finish 2nd in some ways.

    From the draw, I predict them to top their group, beat Nigeria (my prediction to finish 2nd in their group) in the last 16 and get knocked out by Germany (Germany to top their group).

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    On paper I would say that they would make it to quarterfinals and would face Germany.

    This World Cup would be better for the French then the last World Cup, when they were eliminated in the group stages losing to Mexico and South Africa.

    I predict France to top Group E, and Ecuador to finish behind them.

    They have a fair chance considering the amount of talented young players they have but it would not be disappointing if they did not make it to semifinals. Didier Deschamps is a good chance and he can lead the team to do better this time, in Brazil.

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  • 6 years ago

    It depends if they have a group sulk and refuse to come out of the bus like last time

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