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Emotional Correctness

請教"emotional correctness"




Sean hannity 99%政治錯誤,但態度正確,


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    其實她(Sally Kohn)在TED裡已經多次給了定義

    Emotional correctness is the tone, the feeling, how we say what we say, the respect and compassion we show one another.

    Now this guy doesn't agree with me, yet. But he's listening, not because of what I said, but because how I said it...That's emotional correctness.

    說到「emotional correctness」,你若了解「political correctness」,更有助於明白其意涵。

    Political correctness 在 Wiki 查到定義為

    Political correctness is a term that refers to language, ideas, or policies that address perceived or actual discrimination against or alienation of politically, socially or economically disadvantaged groups.


    但用對了字眼,就沒有歧視嗎?人與人相處就更融洽嗎? Sally 強調重要的是不是你說什麼,而是你說話的語氣、態度、情感、方式,更為重要!

    Sean Hannity在歐巴馬健保案跟Sally kohn持不同立場,Sean 甚至意指人非生而平等,不能人人享有健保,但他願意聆聽反對意見,態度平和不極端,雖然政治正確或許零分,但情感或態度正確是滿分的。

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    Dear Brother Gwa

    To be emotional correct is nothing about giving someone a compliment when you don’t feel like it and, on the contrary, are dying to give him or her a piece of your mind. It’s just that you honestly and sincerely disagree with the person with whom you don’t see eye to eye.

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    People must have gone through a long way to be what and who they are, to say what they mean to say, and to choose whatever side over whatever issue. We don’t even need to respect his or her opinions but we ought to respect him or her as a person.

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    Quoted from Sally, “our challenge is to find the compassion for others that we want them to have for us.” That is emotional correctness. Unfortunately, “emotional incorrectness” has been so much happening in Taiwan nowadays.

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    Dear Brother Gwa

    It's packed & suffocating here. Let's go to the front.

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    Ha, ha - I watch Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly at least 3x a week. They are both far from being "emotionally correct". Probably, Sally should try to debate Ann Coulter.

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    political correctness是說法上的婉轉表達,

    emotional correctness則是情緒上的婉轉表達囉

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    Master 老翻哥 + 1 !

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    Master 老翻哥! I just learned a new thing from your explanation, so your saying is too favour a compliment!

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