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你喜歡的音樂真豐富,其實我也不知道我喜歡捨麼音樂,必須看當時的心情,但我最近喜歡上一部1982年的電影配樂,純粹鋼琴聲,叫做'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence',不知道你喜不歡,台灣最近天氣漸漸溫暖,希望有朝一日你也能來台灣拍美麗的風景,我認為世上最美麗的地方,就是沒有人的地方,相信你以後會是很好的攝影師,然後謝謝你的讚美,我從來沒有畫過男生,希望下次能試試看,相信你已經注意到我的英文程度無法和人溝通,這封信是由別人幫我翻譯的,讓妳久等真不好意思



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    Hi I'm the person that helped to translate this exact same letter from your previous question. I just want to say that I did not use any translator to help me so you clearly do not have a good enough English to pick that up. Oh, and next time when someone helps you for free, remember to say thank you. If you don't believe that I didn't use a translator, you can copy everything that I've typed into Google Translator to check for yourself. Or better yet, sent this letter to whoever you want to sent to and get her to check it for you... whatever not my problem -_-

    The music that you like are very diverse and full of life, actually I don't know what kind of music that I like, it depends on the mood I'm in at the moment. Recently I fell in love with a soundtrack from a movie made in 1982, its just pure piano playing, its called 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'. Don't know if you'll like it or not. Taiwan's weather is slowly getting warmer, I sincerely hope that one day you can come to Taiwan and take pictures of Taiwan's beautiful scenery. I think its the most beautiful place on earth, only places that don't have people living there. I believe you'll be an amazing photographer in the future and thank you for your compliments. I've never drawn any male characters before, hopefully I'll try next time. I believe you have already noticed my broken English which makes it hard for me to communicate with people, this letter is translated by someone else. Sorry for the late reply.

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