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This 56-year-old female has past history of: 1) Hysterectomy and Left ear tympanoplasty 2) Left upper ureter stone with hydronephrosis 3) Left APN with Urosepsis (Proteus mirabilis) 4) Hepatocholangiocarcinoma with main portal vein thrombosis, ascites and lymphadenopathy 5) Obstrutive jaundice with bilateral IHD dilatation s/p ERBD x 2 6) Sepsis related Acute cholangitis. She just discharge on 2014/02/14, initial she suffered from suffered from general weakness for 3 weeks. Accompanying symptoms included abdominal fullness, mild epigastric pain, poor appetite for 3 weeks. She took herbs as treatment of abdomen discomfort for 3 weeks. Due to above symptoms, she went to 新莊 新泰 hospital for help, then transfer to our hospital treatment. This time, she suffered from high fever with chills and abdomen pain. Besides, tea color urine and pitting edema was also noted, then she visited to our ER for help. At ER, lab data showed leukocytosis and hyperbilirubinemia was noted. Whole abdomen CT showed R/O hepatocholangiocarcinoma, HCC and/or CCC in both lobes of liver, main portal vein invasion and bilateral IHDs dilatation are seen on 2/19. Under the impression of 1) Sepsis related acute cholangitis, obstruction jaundice 2) Hepatocholangiocarcinoma with main portal vein thrombosis, ascites and lymphadenopathy, she admitted for further treatment.

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