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Who are your predictions for next Laker and Knick coaches?

I just want to hear who you think gets the Laker and Knick coaching jobs.

I think Byron Scott gets the Lakers job and Steve Kerr gets the Knicks job (unless the Warriors fire Mark Jackson, then I think Kerr ends up in Golden State).

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  • Eddie
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    7 years ago

    How many coaches the Lakers suppose to get before people realize that a lot of how well a team perform is based on the players they have. I am not saying Brown who took the Lakers as far as Jackson did his last year was a great coach nor I am saying D'Antoni is a great coach but you have Nash who played maybe 1/4 of all games since he been there, Kobe missed the whole season with the exception of 6 games and those 6 games he played poorly and Gasol was out a good amount of time and when they got Howard he was hurt the first part and they come on strong and made the playoffs and lost in the first round without kobe to the eventual WCF champs.

    So when whoever they get and the Lakers still play poorly are you people going to be asking for their head also?

  • Lakers..Lionel Hollins..strong defensive coach..maybe Swaggy p will learn how to play D..

    Knicks..Steve Kerr or maybe Fred Hoiberg..Hoiberg has been earning his rank as a college coach

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I thought the Lakers guaranteed D'antoni would coach them again. And Steve Kerr for the Knicks.

  • 7 years ago

    no more mike browns or mike dantonis please! i guess id be fine with byron scott, jvg, calipari, or jerry sloan.. i just want a solid coach that coaches defense! it was sad watching teams score 130/140+ multiple times on lakers this season...

    Source(s): sad lakers fan for the past 3-4 years
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