im a lost child of my parents?

my parents were seperated when i was a child.

i had a trouble childhood as well as my siblings.

after that my mother got another marriage and i decided to live with my mom....then again she got fight with her husband too...i faced lots of trouble emotionally .

now my mom blaims too much things on us.

i have negative emotions about my parents but more negative feelings towards my mother..but at the same time..she has been doing nice things to me which went in my favour...but couple of her decisions destroyed me emotionally and no matter how much she tries to do good for me...i dont feel good.

tell me what should i do to recover by those emotions.

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  • y
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Get into therapy, for some. They can get by or at least learn to cope, for others. The damage is too great or they just don't have the right construction to get over it. Either way, all you can do is take advantage of whatever help they can offer you and try to manage the issue the best that you can.

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