Will girl meets world be good?

Seeing the trailer for the show and it looks like another cookie cutter disney show. do you think it could still have the magic boy meets work has? do you think it will flop? and why

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  • 6 years ago
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    It looks like it will be better than the Disney shows they have now.

    Michael Jacobs is creating this show as he did with BMW and they are bringing in a few guest stars. Like Shawn, Cory's Parents, Feeny, Minkus, Harley

    I just hope they add alot of issues like they did with BMW.

    Only time will tell. You can't really judge from only seeing a trailer.

    But i think alot of people are thinking it's going to be BMW 2.0 when it's not. It's about Cory's and Topanga's Teenage Daughter. It will be more geared towards the newer generation. Though alot of people who watched BMW will watch it (like myself included)

  • KFC
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    6 years ago

    Boy Meets World was a crappy teenage comedy from the 90s that made me want to gorge my eyes out!!!

    I'm sure "Girl Meets World" will be much worse

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