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I have project on climate in my earth science class what should I write about? any suggestion?

Well, I wrote the definition of climate, the factors that effect climate, and I guess that's it. can you tell me what should I write more?:( please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There are so many changes to climate happening now. That might be a good way to show how the climate you explained actually connects to you and others, and how land and other things are affected. You can talk about how the changes in climate will affect your area. Are you near the water? Would the rising water leave areas around you under water? You might want to talk about how it will affect people and the plants and animals and an area this is close to sea level. Those are all over the world--think islands, coastal areas, etc. What is your state, city, etc., doing to prepare for temperature change. Are they planting different trees? Are people moving to higher areas?

    Good luck and good job to try to expand on your work!!

    Source(s): I'm a tutor, 20+ years, and familiar with climate and how it's changing
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    I don't know

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