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Does this taurus guy like me or he´s just friendly?

I got to know this taurus guy cause we were lab partners in chemistry, and suddenly he just added me on fb asking me about the chemistry reports and since then we´ve been friends I guess.

He´s kind of special, I don´t know how to describe it. But I´m a virgo girl so I´m pretty much closed up and living in my own bubble, I don´t trust many people and I also don´t lean on many people and open up to people, unless I´m comfortable with them and see them as worthy to be friends with and that they´re kind.

The taurus guy is tall, he´s good looking and he´s really smart. He know it too well, and sometimes he can piss off people with his confidence, which almost seems like arrogance. Sometime he piss me off too, since he´s But he´s really kind and always helping me with the assignment in lab and classes.

We often talk together on facebook and at school, but very rarely does we talk about anything personal, it´s always been about school. Our conversations often just end abruptly, but it picks up again when we talk about other subject in school without any awkwardness.

I´m always cold and kind of distance, but the taurus guy always come over to talk to me when he sees me and he gives me attention even when I try to ignore him (bad days when I don´t wanna see anybody). My friends from outside P.O.W all say he likes me and try hard to talk, see me in school and give me a lot of attention, when I´m just cold and distance.

But maybe he´s just friendly?


I usually update what I do on IG and share on fb, and this guy doesn´t say anything. But when we talk together, from his conversations I notice he´s been paying attention to what I´ve been doing with friends, eating, playing and so on. He asked me to bring him along when I´m out eating with friends, cause he said it looks like I eat a lot of good and fancy foods at restaurants. When I walk in the cafeteria at school I usually don´t see anyone, but he always notice me and comes over immediately.

Update 2:

I´m pretty closed up and don´t open up to people easily, but this guy managed to crush my walls and I´ve almost been dependent of him, since he´s always there. But I don´t want to imagine something, and then it turns out that he´s just friendly. Though so I´m curious if anyone who´re familiar with taurus man can tell me if they´re just overly friendly and like to help everyone, or do they only do so for a few?

Update 3:

Ohh and in the 1st semester we saw each other a lot cause we had lab together and were partners, and had study groups together. But in this second semester I haven´t seen his face much at all, maybe 2-3 times in a month, but each time he always comes over to my side. And he always help me with lab journals and we discuss them together, even though he´s not my partner anymore.

Update 4:

He´s going to study medicine in Kraków from Autumn, and it´s 6 years he´ll be away. Though I´m really hesitance about what to do. Should I find opportunity for us to go out and then confirm it, or ignore it? But if I confirm it, then what? He´s going to be away for 6 years and during those years everything can happen. And studying medicine in Krakow is harsh so I wish he will not be distracted by other things and concentrate on his studies, since he´s really smart and can go far if he wants too.

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    Supposedly they are slow when it comes to relationships make the first move and see how he acts after. I liked this taurus and he used to stare at me like crazy and touch me now he doesent cause he likes someone else now he doesent even look at me. He only has eyes for that girl

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    Astrological compatibility ONLY works if you do the "synastry aspects".

    Comparing signs is a money-making gimmick that doesn't actually work .. but it sure has a lot of suckers who fall for how easy it is.

    You have decided you love him before you have even gotten to know him.

    That's not very smart.

    You will not know until-unless he asks you out if he is more then casually-interested in you.

    And you will not know until he has taken you out on at least half-a-dozen dates if he has started to LIKE you.

    And it will take him a year or more before he makes up his mind whether or not he is serious about you.

    Unless he is psychologically-maladjusted, in which case he will fall for you like a ton of bricks very quickly.

    By the same token .. don't be falling for him like a ton of bricks very quickly.

    The quicker we fall, the worse the relationship ends up being once the infatuation/honeymoon phase has ended.

    No sense chasing after a broken heart that hasn't happened yet.

    Just take your time and see how things unfold.

    In the meantime, work on making your life interesting and exciting without relying on love to do that.

    Psychology tells us that unless we ALREADY are happy with our life before we find love, that we will NOT be happy with love after the honeymoon phase has ended.

    So your most important task, if you want love that works, is to not NEED love .. to learn to be so happy that love is just icing on the cake . not the entire cake itself.

    THIS is what makes love work long-term.

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    Taurus don't usually come right out and tell you but that might just be something concerning age. I have a friend who's a Taurus woman and she never comes right out to that guys and tells them and she's almost thirty but I don't blame her cause I don't either but im also just past twenty years old. I've noticed that they do become extremely sexual, like they talk about SEX a lot especially with someone they've been with, know well or someone they really like. So, look for sexual talk or provocative body language and you'll have your answer.

    Source(s): Aquarius woman, close friend is Taurus.
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    From my deductions, he's mad about you and certainly feels comfortable around you.

    The real focus here, though, is if you do like him back?

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    The Taurus and Virgo share some common grounds as both like to build a workable partnership which is showered with security and safety in love. One of the main differences is in temperaments of Taurus and Virgo and usually both have willingness to make adjustments. But Taurus is a stubborn soul, possessing staying power, while Virgo provides flexibility in the relationship.

    The Taurus man is one person who is more practical, stable and stronger than a usual man. He knows how to take care of the ones he loves. Hardworking Taurus male knows how to achieve a goal despite any number of obstacles or barriers obstructing his way. He is more a man of action than of words, and likes to demonstrate the kind of person he is physically — rather than trying to communicate verbally. In a relationship, he provides his lady love with strong protection and loyalty with such romance that is a dream of any woman.

    A Virgo woman is calm and cool on surface, existing on the sidelines as more of an observer at first. This is because she is extremely analytical, and uses her powerful observational skills to help her gain a precise and realistic view of the world around her. She is often tidy to a tee, hard working, and has a reputation for being critical of those around her. In a relationship, she is a sincere mate unless she finds her man to be unreliable. She is flexible in nature and ready to take up steps to deal with the perfection of the relationship.

    A Virgo woman is neat both in her thoughts and her actions. She has her hallmark purity and reality with no artificial flavors of actions and attitude that impresses a Taurus man deeply. She knows the actions and can finely judge them into wrong or right according to the situation and the reason behind them. As a mate she always helps him to look out with different opinions and helps him take his decision to an extent of perfection. Her moral attitude is intellectual and her emotions are involved only to a level they remain fair. She appreciates exquisiteness and superfluity with all her heart and cleanliness comes next to godliness for her. There is usually a smooth flow in their relationship with some minor burns given by their frozen silences that are taken care of with time.

    The Taurus man is a strong individual who respects his Virgo woman and possesses her like his most precious gem. He knows her importance and is always ready to take up to anything that can make her feel comfortable and happy. He does not talks much about morals and ethics but once he feels a thing to be right or wrong, he follows that instinct with blind determination. Like his Virgo damsel, the Taurus male also loves beauty and luxury but may not fit in her issue box of cleanliness with his dusty shoes or tacky laces at times. As a man he usually impresses his Virgo female keeping her protected and loved and except for some unbending stubbornness, their couple works fine.

    These two practical, down-to-earth individuals are similar enough to be extremely compatible, yet different enough to provide each other with the strengths that the other lacks. While romance is usually considered something that involves poetry and flowers, these two engage in high romance through their constancy. The Virgo woman can be disturbed by the unpredictable emotions of the world around her, but Taurus man knows how to make her feel completely safe. On the other hand, there are certain realities that might go flying over the head of strong Taurus man, but her keen eye catches everything and makes sure that he takes care of those things as well. His sense of humor brings out a lighter side of her clever mind, which helps her to relax more than she’s accustomed to and her calm surface makes him feel more relaxed with her making their togetherness a state of the art perfection.

    Both, the Virgo woman and Taurus man are sensual lovers, appreciating the simple pleasures of sex. Sexually, he is more capable of calming his Virgo partner’s nervous nature than most lovers, helping to make her feel whole and a lot more comfortable in his arms. She views sex as a powerful and pure act that is not to be taken lightly. She is a perfectionist to the highest degree, and sex is no exception. This gives him complete pleasure and pure physical satisfaction. It is her nature to apply herself through serious practice and concentration in an attempt to make the experience that entire she believes it should be. He is an ideal partner for her in many ways, because he manages to keep things physical and emotional without resorting to the flowery of confessions of love. Their wholesome satisfaction is what keeps them close and respect each others’ physical desires. Both of these are much more interested in showing their love than speaking it, and they are quite adept at this in bed. Sexual preferences are really very idiosyncratic, and it is best to just appreciate what you both enjoy and not get terribly distracted by what you do not.

    When it comes to their views on the world, Taurus man and Virgo woman both tend to be more conservative in most ways. However, Taurus man takes his own time deciding on something, allowing an issue to take the backseat of his mind until he is good and ready. While, she is so sharp and on her toes that she constantly has a plethora of information to work with regarding an issue, and does the very best to work with what she has. These two can both be extremely stubborn with each other when the circumstance strikes, but she can usually talk some reason into the her Taurus male’s head. These two are essentially looking for the same things but in a different manner. She looks around for perfection and he is confident enough that when he decides on something, it is perfect. In reality, this may be the closest that either of the two may ever get to perfection in the relationship.

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      You're constantly copying and pasteing. No advice of your own but short useless comments.

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