stretching cm?

We are trying to conceive and I have just recently started to pay attention to my cervical mucus. . Anyways I have noticed the fertile mucus ( very stretchy and clear) and it only seems to last a day.. just curious if anyone knows how long after you experience this are you fertile

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    6 years ago
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    That "stretchy CM" or better know as egg white cervical mucus(EWCM) is the best environment for the sperm to get to the egg.So basically when that turns more white and creamy lotion like the environment is more hostile and less likely to be your fertile time.It's "supposed" to mean that ovulation is impending,but can be so wrong for some women that using just CM alone as an indicator of ovulation is not really recommended.

    It can be different for every women and even each cycle can be different.Some can have this EWCM for a few days(some have a very long cycle) and some have it for only a day.Some even have EWCM twice in a cycle confusing them and making it hard to predict if that was actual ovulation the first or second time unfortunately.

    There really is no guarantee how long you will be fertile,but what is suggested is to do the baby dance every other day starting before it shows(which I'm sure you know since you are TTC and seem to understand CM already) until after it is gone to be sure that you use that time wisely.

    I personally think that in order to have the best chance of knowing when you are fertile you should do the basal body temp also since this is a better indicator of ovulation.There is a great app you can get on your phone called "fertility friend" it will help you see when you have a dip in temp showing ovulation and you can keep track of your CM also on there. It's not too hard either just make sure you take your temp before you get up after 3 solid hours of sleep each day at the same time with a basal body thermometer and it's pretty accurate.

    If it's too confusing at first don't get discouraged as it take a bit to get the hang of it and there are some great communities like babycenter that have wonderful ladies all in the same boat willing to help :)

    I wish you luck ٩(ˆ◡ˆ)۶✨✨baby dust✨✨

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