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Hi I am a new kpop fan i have only known about kpop for about a month now and i have no idea what i'm doing...would you mind helping me out and guiding me into the right direction a little bit :)

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    Hello hello, fellow K-popper! Welcome to the crazy, weird but totally wonderful world of K-pop! We welcome you with open arms (and your favorite oppas and unnies).

    Let's start with how do K-pop stars become stars? It's really different from the other music industries. In K-pop, our idols go through training. To become trainees they audition (some get scouted) and if they pass, they will become trainees. These trainee years can last up to 7 years or can be as short as a few months, depending on the circumstances. And they are brutal. Really, really, really brutal. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears and not everyone can make it. After those trainee years, they finally debut as either in groups or soloists.

    Comebacks: Now when idols make comebacks, it doesn't mean they came back from retirement. In K-pop, Comebacks happen every year (one, twice or thrice if lucky). They come back with new songs and a new album. During their comeback, they promote their songs in various music shows (Music Core, Music Band, MNET Countdown, Inkigayo, Show Champion, etc.) and the most popular song/artist of the week (based on votes, downloads, etc.) will win a trophy. As of date, PSY holds the longest consecutive win in an award show with Gangnam Style and before him it was Girls' Generation with Gee. During their comeback time, these artists usually go around doing many variety shows and interviews. After their comeback and they go back to their break, they are still active. They still do dramas, variety shows, interviews, etc. Then after a few months or a year, they do a comeback again.

    Variety Shows: This plays a big part in making or breaking a group or artist apart from their music. YG Entertainment artists only go to variety shows every now and then and they're known for that. But a lot of celebrities go to variety shows to show their personal side, to promote and to interact with fans. Famous variety shows are Running Man, Strong Heart*, Star Golden Bell* and We Got Married (ones with * are no longer running). Groups also get their own variety shows too such as 2PM's Wild Bunny, Infinite's Sesame Player and Super Junior's Explorers of the Human Body.

    Saesang Fans: NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER BE A SAESANG FAN. These fans are crazy!!! They're not even fans, they are full blown psychotic STALKERS. They will break into their biases homes, steal their stuff, kiss them in their sleep, pee and even cr*p on their dorms and some would slap their biases just so that their oppa can remember them (see what happened with JYJ's Yoochun). They will follow their biases around everywhere they go. They will dig through trash to steal their things. They personally harm their biases. Yunho was given a drink with super glue, Yoochun was slapped, many artists received bloody letters (some with menstrual blood and pubes), etc. They're crazy. SO NEVER BE A SAESANG FAN.

    Members: There are the members. But there are key roles apart from the singing roles. There is the Leader. The Leader is usually the eldest but sometimes it's not that way (just like BIGBANG's G-Dragon). Next is the Visual. A group's Visual is considered as the most good looking member and they generally are put more into the spotlight, dance in the middle and usually get the most advertisements. Lastly, the maknae is the youngest member of the group. Each member has different personalities and you will know their personalities through variety shows! Which makes K-pop different from other music industries!

    Netizens: they are the people of the internet. They are not antis or fans but they still judge idols anyway. Koreans who grew up in other countries are common targets such as Tiffany of SNSD who gets bashed for having no manners (which is explainable since she grew up in the USA. But she gets loved after and then gets hated on after. It's an endless cycle of netizen-love-and-hate.


    1. SM Entertainment - most successful and powerful entertainment company in South Korea. The house of TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Go Ara, EXO. They have a bit of a bad reputation in K-pop because of the 13 year slave contracts with Hangeng (former member of Super Junior) and Junsu, Yoochun and Jajeoong of JYJ (former members of TVXQ). They are also notorious for giving bad songs to well-established artists and a bunch of other things! They are known for their Sky wallpaper in practice rooms, bad Engrish in Super Junior songs, box sets in MVs, catchy songs and dance moves. Their artists are called SM Town.

    2. YG Entertainment - they are the second most successful entertainment company. Artists from YG have more freedom than other artists from other companies. Artists write and produce most of their songs (ex. G-Dragon). Their building is amazing and they are known for their amazing songs, no matter what genre. YG is the house of artists like BIGBANG, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Akdong Musician, Goo Hye Sun, Sean and Yoo In Na. Their artists are called YG Family.

    3. JYP - the third member of The Big Three. It is owned by JYP and their title songs are always produced by him. And each of it has the trademark whisper of JYP. JYP is not as popular as before but they are still a powerhouse. Their songs are great and the dances are great as well. JYP is the house of artists such as Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A and GOT7. Artists from JYP are called JYP Nation.

    Here are some groups you might like:

    The Oldies (but still amazing)

    1. TVXQ - The Kings. People have HIGH respect for this group. They have come such a long way from playing in a mall in Japan where basically no one knew them to playing in a sold out stadium concert. They are REALLY popular and considered one of the most powerful groups this generation. But unfortunately, three members (JYJ: Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong) left the group because of the 13 year slave contracts. Now, TVXQ only has two members left: Yunho and Changmin.

    2. Super Junior - a 13 member group (their subgroup has two Chinese members so many fans consider them as a 15 member group) that helped opened K-pop to the world. They are notably known for their hit song, Sorry Sorry. They are one of the most popular boy groups. They have many sub-units that will cater to different music styles. Their fans, ELFs, are very dedicated to Super Junior. Despite having no comeback for a while, they are still VERY popular. But they have members who are in the military, one in hiatus and one who left the group (Hangeng: same reason with JYJ).

    3. SNSD/Girls' Generation - the number one girl group in South Korea. They are VERY popular, so popular that when other groups find out that they are having a comeback, they push back their comeback dates to avoid competing with them because SNSD basically wins every week in music shows and sweep the charts. They have 9 members (still complete, thank God). They get a lot of hate too (Dream Concert 2008 Incident) but get a lot of love too. Their iconic song "Gee" literally changed their careers. They are also known as the female counterpart of Super Junior.

    4. Wonder Girls - before SNSD, Wonder Girls was the most popular girl group but due to their failure in America, SNSD was able to take their spot as the number one girl group. They played a big part in opening K-pop to the world with their song "Nobody". HyunA of 4Minute was a member but left early in their career. Sunmi also left or just took a break from the group, I'm not sure.

    5. 2NE1 - SNSD and 2NE1 are usually competing and their fans are always clashing but their members are actually friends. They are fierce and VERY different from other girl groups who stick to the girly, cute concept. They stood out from the rest and are very popular. They are the female counterpart of BIGBANG.

    6. BIGBANG - they also stand out from the rest of boy groups. They are flashy, fierce, different and are known to be very different from the others. Their songs have many genres which make them very capable of jumping from one concept to another. Alongside TVXQ and SJ, they are well-respected. Their leader, GDragon is very popular.

    Other artists you should check out

    1. EXO

    2. BAP

    3. Akdong Musician

    4. Lee Hi

    5. Tablo

    6. Epik High

    7. SISTAR

    8. Brown Eyed Girls

    9. KARA

    10. U-Kiss

    11. After School

    12. B2ST

    13. Davichi

    14. 4Minute

    15. A-Pink

    16. B1A4

    17. BoA

    18. Trax

    19. Baek Ji Young

    20. The Grace

    21. CNBlue

    22. FT Island

    23. SS501

    Welcome to Kpop! It's gonna be weird and frightening but it will be the best ride you can ever get on!

    Source(s): Kpop fan for a long long long time
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    Welcome to the fandom. Hopefully you have already browsed through some of groups that you may like and learned their names. The next step is to learn the basic structure of the Kpop world.

    You have three big companies: SM, YG, and JYP

    SM: Undoubtedly the most successful in Korea, they own the groups of SNSD (Girl's Generation), Super Junior, TVXQ (DBSK), SHINee, EXO, and f(x). They are known for extreme efficiency and their odious box MV. Basically, they are legendary. YouTube Channel -

    YG: This group has risen to the second biggest company. Here are the groups of 2NE1, BigBang, AKMU, WINNER, Se7en, and at one point Psy. They are known for their unorthodox styles and heavily promoted artistic freedom. Their biggest crutch are their constant comeback delays. I personally recommend AKMU. YouTube:

    JYP: I honestly don't know much about JYP. It was founded by a previous Kpop star, JYP himself, and fans constantly make fun of how he seems pretty full of himself. He has the legendary Wonder Girls, 2pm/2am brother groups, and recently debuted GOT7.

    YouTube Channel:

    The rest of the companies include Cube known for Hyuna, Pledis known for Orange Caramel, Lonen known for English subtitles (okay Girl's Day) Woolim was merged into SM but they have the very popular INFINITE.

    Groups and history you need to know:

    DBSK/TVXQ - Literally named the Rising Gods of the East, this five member group was undoubtedly one of the most powerful and most popular Kpop groups ever. Unfortunately, because SM is also known for treating their artists like crap, they split in 2010. Three members now struggle to survive as JYJ and the remaining two member keep the DBSK name alive under SM.

    Wonder Girls - They used to be the top girl group of Korea but then JYP decided to try and promote them in the US. He's not even good at promotions. Needless to say it failed and while they were away SNSD took over. They're back in Korea but on an indefinite hiatus. Think about this if you ever believe your favorite group should debut in the US.

    SNSD - People can say what they want but GG is the nation's top girl group. They are a nine member group that has taken over though not completely. They are free to bounce between sexy and cute concepts with constant love. Please tell me you have seen "Gee" because that was their defining moment.

    EXO: This group is only two years old but they are taking the Kpop world by storm. They have twelve members divided into EXO-M and EXO-K. One sings in Mandarin and one sings in Korean. Regardless of whether you like them or not, SM and EXOstans will be shoving EXO down your throat so better get acquainted. Yes, EXO fans do have a bad reputation for being a little too fanatic.

    I also suggest you look into BigBang, Super Junior, and 2NE1. All of them, aside from EXO, are second generation idols. The third wave is upon us right now.

    How Kpop works:

    1. Groups are rolling out every month or so right now so pick your favorites fast and stick to them. New albums come out every year/month. Favorites are called "biases" Celebrities are called "idols" Selfies are called "selcas"

    2. Find a good Kpop news site. The most popular one in English is AllKpop which reports every time an idol takes a selca. Don't worry, there are more.

    3. I'm assuming you don't know Korean but soon enough you will know some random terms. "Saranghae" is I love you. "Daebaek" is awesome.

    4. There are some crazy, crazy fans out there. Even in Kpop world where basically everyone is a more rabid than usual fan, there are ones even crazier. The term is "saesang" and the most simplified term you can call them is stalker.

    Korea has a huge respect your elder system so you need to become quickly acquainted with that.

    "Sunbae" is used to refer to someone older than you in the field.

    "Oppa" is what girls call older males.

    "Hyung" is what males call older males.

    "Unni" is what females call older females.

    "Noona" is what males call older males.

    "-ssi" is a term of respect akin to Mr. or Ms.

    There isn't a whole lot of action right now because of the sinking of the Sewol Ferry, but that is understandable.

    Need anything else? Check out this site:

    Have fun! =)

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    omg, I'm a new kpop fan too

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