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Toronto, Canada vs Oslo, Norway?

which city is of those two is better in terms of everything? crime rate, economy, weather, people, opportunities ect.... ect....

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    Toronto is globally ranked as one of the world's best city for quality of life, reputation, livability, and more:

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    Toronto's summers are (tropically) hot and humid. (It's at the same latitude as the French Riviera).

    Toronto's winters are cold and snowy, but milder than what most of Canada experiences due to Toronto's location in the southernmost region of the country.

    Spring and Fall are transitional seasons, with a lot of active weather.

    It's a much bigger city than Oslo, the largest city in Canada and the 4th largest in North America.

    So there's more jobs, shopping, nightlife, sporting events and more.

    No city is separate from the country it's a city of. And Canada is thriving:

    'Canada: Richer than America and more economically powerful than Europe'

    'The most prosperous nation in the Americas, Canada ranks first in personal freedom'

    'Canadians getting richer, average net worth tops $400,000'

    'Canada first and only G7 country to recover all jobs lost during recession'

    'Canada to lead G7 nations in average growth for next 50 years: OECD'

    'Canada Trounces U.S. In Best Countries For Business'

    'Canada rises to Top Five in world economic freedom ranking as U.S. plummets to 18th'

    'Canadian banks rated safest in world'

    'Canada: Constitutional Superpower'

    'Charter of Rights turns Canada into a 'constitutional' trendsetter'

    'Canada remains world's most educated country'

    'Canada is best G20 country for females, India worst'

    'Best Country For Kids: Canada Best Place In The World To Raise Children'

    'Your Kids Will Have A Better Life If You Move To Canada'

    'Canada again named the country with the world's best reputation'

    'Canada's natural beauty, multicultural society, health care service and security made it the top place on the planet'

    'Canadians are the most tolerant people in the developed world: report'

    'Canadians more welcoming to immigrants than other countries, research shows'

    'Canada ranks among the top 10 least corrupt countries in the world'

    'World's happiest nations Canada ranks 6th overall'

    'Canada rises to 4th in world peace rankings'

    'Canada can fairly claim to be the best-governed country in the world'

    So no offence to Oslo or Norwegians, but Toronto's definitely the better city.

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