why do people join gangs?

Like why? Is it legal to be in a gang? What do police do about it ? Soo main question is why do people join gangs

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    6 years ago
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    Well why did people form tribes? Why did people form ethnicities? To feel apart of a group... humans are social creatures, which means, humans live in "groups". A gang is really no different then a tribe or an ethnicity... I mean, obviously the ideologies, the culture, what they do, is all different. Gangs are obviously a social problem... but the social problems starts from bad families, remember that.

    The majority of gang members come from families in which are abusive or neglectful. So as Mr. Mike said, it's there only source of "family", only source of people who they actually feel close with.

    And it's not "illegal" to be in a gang, but if you're in a gang, you tend to get heftier criminal charges as they can deem it "gang activity". Like in Cali there is "gang enhancement laws".

    > "This part of the law provides that anyone who commits a felony for the benefit of a gang will receive a mandatory prison sentence . . . in addition and consecutive to the penalty s/he receives for the underlying felony."

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    For some people that is their only source of "family" and belonging to something.

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