1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend are both 16 and have been dating for almost a year. She means a lot to me so I really want to give her a good anniversary gift. I'm taking her out to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants but I still want to get her something nice. I've already given her a necklace and she isn't that big on any jewelry, so I wouldn't give her anything like that. I don't really have any other good ideas.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Oooooo I got thiss

    Alright don't get just one thing like I hate that

    Get like a basket or gift bag and fill it with mini candies and one jumbo bag of her favorite candy. Then put some perfume and mathcing lotion from hollister or victorias secret. Get matching lip gloss or balm ( like make it same color or fragrance) then put like a gift card for forever 21

    Probably throw in a soa set or those things with soap and slippers

    Get a teady bear and put your boxers on it

    Make a homemade card with your cologne on it and make it a little deep but short.

    And put a rose on the side. Make it smell and look beautiful

    Lol that's kinda the thing that make me cry♡

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