how can I help my innocent baby niece in this situation?

my sister is always meeting guys online. Its always drama with her. One day she meets a guy online lets him move in use her car take her money and then within a week she swears all men off because he dumped her and talks about how she is just going to be a strong single mom and she does not need a man. Then a week later she does the same thing with another guy she meets online. Most of these guys are criminals with bad records. She is letting all these men come in and out of her daughters life, in for all I know she seem so desperate she has no idea if they are pedophiles or anything. Is this child endangerment or just circumstantial evidence? What can I do? If we talked to her she just gets defensive and cut us off. Your baby is 1 year old.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I worked with this wonderful lady who had a young daughter like 10years old and her boyfriend had been in and out of jail but he seemed like a nice guy. They dated for a couple of years on and off, well the point to my story is a year and a half or so ago her boyfriend murdered her and her daughter. I say step in, do what you can anything! These "bad boys" these days don't care about anything but themselves. I also had another young lady I went to school with while she was at work her live in boyfriend shook her child. Thankfully he's ok but it's horrible! Girls these days it's sad. Introducing their babies to every guy they bat eyes at :( I say sit her down and have an honest talk with her, tell her you're opinions and worries. I hope you can get through to her :/

  • 7 years ago

    hunny.. she sounds sooooo unfit as a parent,,, pplease step in anyway you can

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