Is there something up with the automatic windows on mid-2000 Toyotas?

Both our current car and our last one (both basic Toyotas, mid-2000) have had strange things going on with the windows and handles. In one case, the handle basically exploded while my wife was getting out on the driver's side. The automatic windows for the rear doors on both vehicles are temperamental--sometimes they go all the way up, sometimes they don't.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this?

Both cars were Corollas, FYI

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  • 6 years ago
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    typical of any with electric windows/locks. don't think any platform is ammune to issues in that area from time to time. far as i know, there are no TSB's out for the issue. TSB's are like an amendment to the service manual. addresses issues that become apearent post production/real life use.

    rear windows, *intermitant*

    see iffin they function properly using the master controls. if so, prolly an individule door-window switch issue. one could get some WD-40, give the switches a good spraying. right over the switch itself w/o taking stuff apart. then work switch. keeping in mind, all individule door switches go throught the driver door master controls. so switch for master and passanger lock out, *maybe*, big maybe, is in play. doesn't hurt any switch to hit it with WD-40. just smell of WD-40 for a bit.

    WD-40 might save you from having to dive into the door panels/switches for the issue.

    otherwise, might have to remove panels then spray them.

    door handle,

    IDK what's up there. "exploded" doesn't give me much to go on. could you be more specific on that?

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