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Car inspection scam?

I recently took my car in for its annual state inspection (required in Texas) and received a coupon with my grocery store receipt. The shop had a "5 star review" so I figured I'd give them a try. My car is a late model German brand and has never failed an inspection. My husband is a former mechanic and maintains it and would definitely notice any issues that it might throw. The inspector came into the lobby asking me if I knew that my windshield wipers did not work. I said they work fine, why? He said they do not work and therefore the car failed inspection and he could prove it. I quickly told him that I felt this was a scam operation and what did they do to cause the issue (maybe a little rash, but I was furious about this) he said "Im glad you have your little opinion, but they dont work". Turns out, the guy didnt push the key stick in far enough and technically did not have anything but the radio on. After I told him how to actually start the car (no key) the wipers came on and the sprayer worked, etc. He told me that I'd have to get the wiper motor, etc fixed and would get 15 days to return for a redo. Could this have been a scam that a mechanic shop tried to pull on a young, unsuspecting mom with her infant who just came for an inspection?

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    Call or contact the division that oversees the inspection station (in Virginia it is the State Police) and file complaint - the idiot apprently has no clue about how to operate you vehicle wipers . (no need for a wiper unless the car is running anyway).

    It is probably not a scam but a moron with a chip on his shoulder (certainly there is nothing to fix). Have you husband take the car back for re-inspection if you don't want to hassle witht the government agency that is in charge of state inspections and inspector licensing and see if the solves the problem.

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    Since you already paid for the inspection, take it back and tell them it's fixed. In Texas, you are charged for the inspection whether you pass or fail, and you have 15 days to return to same shop. They should issue the sticker and not charge you again, if the wipers are working now.

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    sounds like he didn't know about the keyless sysyem...I know my local mechanic/state ov Virginia wouldent know,,,real question is what happened AFTER you showed him??? and what did you do?? can't answer ur question without more info

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