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that is odd

that is strange


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    odd: 是指一些不常見的或預期

    像 draw the odds (抽籤)


    像 It is strange to see snow in summer.

    還有另一個字類似 odd and strange: weird

    weird: 超出人類的理解

    像 That is really a weird movie.


    That is odd.

    That is strange.

    That weird.

    是可以互換的(具有相同的涵義), 但你仍然需要知道它們之間的區別。

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    Master AP! Thank You for checking!

    That weird ==> That is weird.

    2014-05-01 09:12:34 補充:

    Master AP! Winning a lottery would be odd but neither weird nor strange.


    A fortune-teller predicting your future would be weird, but probably neither odd nor strange.

    2014-05-01 09:15:45 補充:

    Now, both of us have used "odd, strange, weird" to some extend, not just

    that is odd,

    that is strange,

    that is weird.

    The above three seem to be similar, but not in the sample sentences we have in 004 and 005.

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    Prince or princess? Just to make sure!

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    > That weird.


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    不過,若是他是要"僅作參考"說你"似乎,好像,有可能" 你也是沒有辦法的啦!

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    Odd numbers are far from being strange and

    Odd Thomas has nothing weird at all.

    2014-05-01 11:39:25 補充:

    My future must be weird indeed. Who would marry to a prince and give birth to one as well?

    2014-05-01 13:28:50 補充:

    I probably could not make baby (prince or princess) if I were to mary to a princess.

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