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My crush likes classical music?

I was talking to him last night and asked what his favorite song is. He said Für Elise?? By Beethoven! He is exceptionally smart and is going to college next year. We're 15. Does he like it because he's hella smart? Is he joking? I find it really hard to relate to.

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    Hey some people like different types of music, I'm the same age as you and sometimes enjoy classical music because I am a musician. Is he a musician? That could be why. Lots of musicians really like classical music because classical has some of the best music for their instruments because now there is a lot of electronic music that can't be played on an instrument. Ask him if he likes some other types of music too. Maybe listen to Für Elise yourself you might like it and if you don't it's not a big deal maybe you can use your different tastes in music to share new types with each other? Or not. You're not going to have everything in common. Good luck!

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    I'm a guy and I actually enjoy Für Elise as well. However, this is not a big deal, it's not something you have to relate to. He likes it and that's that. There isn't anything wrong with trying to understand classical music yourself though. In fact you might develop a liking for it yourself. You simply need to put things into perspective. All this time, you could relate to him, no all of a sudden because he listens to Beethoven everything changed? No. You two are fine let him listen to his music and he should let you listen to yours.

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