need dress options? ???

Im going to a quince and its formal i have no clue what to wear except for that it needs to be a dress please put links if possible! It has to be formal

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  • 7 years ago

    A Quinceanera is an important milestone, similar to a wedding, as it involves a religious ceremony (usually a Mass), a dinner party, and a dance. Because of this, it’s important to dress appropriately for each event.

    In deciding what to wear, first and foremost, check the invitation. The invitation usually indicates the dress code for the Quinceanera party. Some Quinceanera parties require formal dresses, some semi formal dresses. It may mention the theme of the party, for which formal dresses may not be appropriate. If the invitation does not include the dress code for the Quinceanera, dress nicely, and according to the season and venue. Heels wouldn’t be comfortable on grassy gardens or along sandy beaches, nor would a heavy suit or blazer be appropriate for a summer afternoon. As the last resort, asking the Quinceanera girl or her parents never hurts.

    Also, wear something appropriate for church, as Quinceaneras usually begin with a religious ceremony. You may decide on wearing something semi formal, and later on change to a casual or formal dress, depending on the theme of the Quinceanera party.

    Just as you should never outdress the Bride, you should never outshine the Quinceanera girl, intentionally or unintentionally. According to, a guest (specifically women or girls) may consider the following outfits:

    Tube top minis – Choose a tube top mini that is not too loose, and at the same time not so tight that an instantaneous movement will cause a tear. A perfectly fit tube top mini allows you to move freely while still complementing you figure.

    Maxi dresses –A maxi dress is long enough to elongate and slim the figure, but just above floor length as to not drag on the floor and sweep. Maxi dresses come in different colors, fabrics and cuts. Try to avoid plunging necklines or long slits, but if the dress you you has them, make sure it does not steer the attention away from the Quinceanera.

    Cocktail dress – The perfect attire to the Quinceanera party is important, and a black cocktail dress is the classic option for formal events. The cocktail dress is a safe choice as it’s elegant and lovely, and matches any theme the Quinceanera may choose.

    If the theme or dress code is casual, a female guest can wear cotton sheath dresses, balloon skirts and a nice top. A long blouse or a short dress paired with neutral colored leggings is a little more dressed up, but still casual and comfortable. For men, the best choice would be slacks or khakis and a handsome sweater with a matching belt. Blazers are always appropriate, and can be removed as the occasion becomes less formal. Young boys can wear a clip-on ties; neckties that were worn at First Communion ceremonies are especially appropriate. For the Quinceanera party, men can also change into a cowboy look of starched, button-down shirt, cowboy fit jeans, and cowboy boots (if they are not included in the court).

    As to shoes, choose a pair that’s comfortable for you to wear over a few hours, to walk and dance around in. For ladies—pumps, ballet flats or strappy sandals. Men should never wear sneakers and instead opt for dress shoes or boots.

    When deciding what to wear to a Quinceanera, it is important to remember that this is a celebration of womanhood attained and accepted, much like a wedding. Check the invitation, or dress accordingly for both a formal and informal occasion. As long as it suits that occasion and you, there’s no going wrong.

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    7 years ago

    For a Quince you should wear the same kind of dress as to a prom or even a wedding. Check with the other girls invited if they are wearing long or short dresses (always formal). Try not to wear white or pale pink, because, that is the usual color of the quinceañera.

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