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Wilt Chamberlain vs Warren Beatty?

Who was the better womanizer out of those two? Wilt's ladies were more, Beatty's gals were hotter and more famous.

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    Chamberlain. Here's why I put him above Beatty:

    1. Wilt had no problems to manage threesomes, while Beatty had only one threesome according to Peter Biskind

    2. Wilt was unknown to most women(because most women aren't into sports, espiecially Basketball), espiecially random women on the street, while Beatty was always famous to them(appearing at girly magazines in the 70's and being on the media). So most gave Warren their number because of his fame, while Wilt was a stranger to them.

    3. Wilt picked them up on the street, according to Biskind Beatty bedded almost only some fans and groupies at the set and his manager picked them up for him, standing in line in front of his door on set. Chamberlain had to pick them all up, with being unknown, on the streets or elsewhere.

    4. Wilt had more chicks: 12775 vs 20000

    5. Beatty used some awful pick up lines: "What's up pussy cat?", "Do you know who am I? Give me your number!", according to Biskind's biography. We don't know about Chamberlains, but it's clear that Beatty's were bad and he used his stardom to get most women.

    6. Beatty seduced most co-starring actresses who knew him and heard about his fame as womanizer, Wilt hit on women that didn't know him.

    7. Warren got Joan Collins, because she knew he was the brother of Shirley MacLaine and because he romantically gave her a call after finding out her number. Wilt just went up there to a woman, hitting on her, banging her.

    8. Wilt had only sex with them, Warren had relationships.

    9. Reason No.1: Beatty hit on Kim Novak, she's according to Biskind the only woman he ever hit on that rejected him. Ironically Wilt Chamberlain had a relationship and sex with Kim Novak! The only woman that ever refused Beatty (prove it yourself at

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    Wilt Chamberlain

  • 7 years ago

    Wilt the stilt

  • 7 years ago

    Chamberlian no question!

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