Please help! I think I have UTI.?

Today I suddenly notice that I keep needing to go pee like every 5 seconds.

This morning I took my first pee when I woke up and it was a bright yellow. Throughout the afternoon when I pee it's yellow with a little bit blood (I'm not on my period), and now at night time I am peeing out blood.

Every time I pee it hurts. It hurts so bad that I just have the urge to start yelling and screaming in pain. Two days ago my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the third time in our relationship. Could this be the reason why? I lost my virginity to him.

Have this ever happened to anyone?

I think I might go to the doctors tomorrow if this keeps going on tomorrow.

I did some research and they said to keep drinking cranberry juice, but it's kind of late now and I'm not gonna go to the market and buy cranberry juice.


Also what causes a UTI? Will it ever go away?

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    Bright yellow sounds normal to me. Normal urine color ranges from colorless to golden yellow.

    "Could this be the reason why?" -- What women (and men) don't understand is that it isn't the sex act itself that can cause a UTI, it's the movements that occur during sex that can transfer bacteria to the urinary meatus (the external opening to the urethra). But bacteria can be transferred without sex.

    "I did some research and they said to keep drinking cranberry juice" -- That's old research. Some years ago, it was clinically proven that cranberry juice, or anything acidic for that matter, is only minimally beneficial. Urine is normally acidic but bacteria changes the pH of urine to alkaline (base). It was thought that by counteracting this by introducing an acidic substance (large doses of vitamin C, cranberry juice, etc.) it would create an inhospitable environment for bacteria.

    "Also what causes a UTI?" -- The primary reason that cranberry juice gives only minimal benefits is that most UTIs, about 90% or so, are caused by E. coli bacteria. This bacteria is acid-resistant so this is why cranberry juice and all the other acids are ineffective against it.

    We have E. coli in the large intestine as normal, resident flora. It belongs there. It synthesizes vitamin K, an important factor in normal blood clotting. E. coli is passed out of the body along with stool and ends up in and around the skin of the anus. It's easily transferred to other adjacent areas and the proximity of the female anus to the female meatus predisposes women to UTIs. Plus, the female urethra is only 1-2 inches long, so bacteria don't have far to travel to reach the urinary bladder and set up house.

    "Will it ever go away?" -- Sometime a simple, uncomplicated UTI resolves on its own but don't wait for that. See your doctor and get tested. If your doctor diagnosis you with a UTI, you'll be given a prescription for an antibiotic. Fill the prescription and take it, all of it, as directed. Take a Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic as well to replace the L. acidophilus bacteria in your vagina that will certainly be killed off. They are susceptible to the antibiotics used to treat UTIs. A probiotic will help prevent vaginal Candidiasis. You probably call it "yeast infection."

    The urinary tract is divided into upper and lower. The lower tract is the urethra and urinary bladder. Infections/inflammation here are urethritis (urethra) and cystitis (bladder). The upper tract is the ureters and kidneys. Infection here is ureteritis (ureters) and pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis. These last two are infections in specific parts of the kidney. Pyelonephritis is infection in the renal pelvis and glomerulonephritis is infection in the glomeruli. A lower UTI, if left untreated, can ascend the tract and become an upper UTI, infinitely more serious.

    Instead of cranberry juice, you're best bet is to drink 2-3 liters of plain water. And I strongly suggest you stop by an Urgent Care clinic tomorrow. After that, pick up some AZO, Uristat or a comparable product. These are OTC. They contain phenazopyridine, which is a urinary analgesic. The prescription drug, Pyridium, also contains this drug. Phenazopyridine will alleviate the symptoms, but won't treat the cause of the them. Don't start the AZO until after you've been seen and have given a urine specimen. On the package, it may instruct you to take the drug for only 2 days. This is so that you won't rely on this instead of seeking medical care. Go ahead of take it for as long as you take the antibiotic. It will address your pain and urinary urge and frequency. It stains urine and other body fluids orange or orange-red, so be warned. If you wear soft contacts, switch to glasses while using phenazopyridine, because it will also stain your tears and permanently stain soft contacts. When you're all done using it, drink lots of water to flush it out. When your urine returns to a normal color, you can resume wearing contacts.

    You came to Yahoo! Answers for advice, take the advice of a health care provider.

    Source(s): I'm a nurse.
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    Dear friends, in clinically, unprotected sex can not cause blood in urine,it is depends on personal. The mainly causes of UTI for women are Cystitis, Urethritis. some cases are caused by Ureteritis, Pyelonephritis. You can drink lots of water and cranberry juice to relieve the symptoms,but all the symptoms can not be cured. I suggest you can go to hospital to take some checks or you can take the herbal pill to regulate your body. i hear the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill has effect on this disease

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    Go get cranberry juice now if you're having a ton of discomfort. Then for sure go to the doctor tomorrow. Be sure to drink a lot of liquids before your appt so you can pee in a cup for the test. The dr tests your urine.

    Yes it will go away with meds. Usually the antibiotic starts working quick. Just keep drinking cranberry juice.. even all the time. Helps your uterus stay healthy!

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