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how do train companies ship?

I notice a train will go by with two norfolk southern locomotives, but the freight cars behind it are all different companies (UP, BNSF, CP, CN, CSX etc). So do the companies just pull each others freight for each other?

If so, how do they agree upon this?

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    Complicated agreements. The shipper fills a train car for his stuff..

    It usually starts in the nearby companies car. It is then sent to destination. All railroads do not go all places. Ar exchange places they move cars from one railroad to the other. To continue on their way. The shipping company then tries to get a load for the return journey. If not successful they are returned to the starting company empty. Many train cars are owned by private companies and they lease them to shippers and they go on many companies tracks and trains as required for the shipper.

    The rates are usually per mile so each railway gets its share of the route. Railways also share/lease/rent each others locomotives too.

    Passenger cars too.

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    The railway will share rail cars in order to get certain loads to areas not accessible by the rail cars owners. They agree on this by sharing cars equally and by agreeing on money and things like that. Railways will also 'borrow' engines from other railways when they need more engines for there train but do not have any of their own accessible. They will do this by trading off certain engines and putting certain amounts of miles on them and in the end both railways will benefit from the deal in some way shape or form. Hope this helps!:)

    Source(s): I am 15 and have been studying trains my whole life with my grandfather.
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