How to get OS on new SSD (The computer came with the OS preinstalled)?

I just bought a Asus G750JM notebook. It came with a 1TB (5400rpm) HDD. There is also an extra 2.5" bay. I want to buy and install a 256GB SSD. I would like to put the OS (Win 8.1 64bit) onto this new SSD. But in reading how to go about doing this, everybody says to do a fresh install of the OS onto the new drive, then format the old partition of the HDD. What can I do if I don't have access to the CD (or any .iso) of Windows 8.1 (because the PC shipped with the OS preinstalled)? Would Microsoft take my word by any chance, and send me a disk or maybe a code to download teh .iso file? Any solutions?

I've heard there can be problems with just copying the OS to the new drive.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Never copy your version of Windows onto a new Hard Drive... do a fresh and new install... that is especially true with SSDs because you need to change the interface from IDE (old hard drive) to AHCI (for the SSD) to get max performance from your SSD...

    Just look for a free program that will display your product key if you don't already have it... then go to Microsoft's website and download windows from them... without key it will be a 30 day trial.. but if you have your product key.. just enter it in during install... and it should work ok.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Try EaseUS Todo Backup, despite its name, this free application can transfer your HDD image to an SSD. I have used it myself before for the same purpose.

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