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Im studying AS (1st year of GCE A Level) right now, and I am having thoughts regarding further education in the US. A few questions are listed below:

What Qualifications other than ACT and TOFEL do I need to meet the entry requirements of US colleges?

Which top tier university in the US accept IELTS? ( I passed it with 8.0)

How does the American college structure differ from the British uni structure?

Which uni would be great in the subject I intend to study: major Psychology, in addition to English/ creative writing.

How should I prepare to increase the chance of getting into top schools such as UCLA and Princeton?

many thanks xxx

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    1. You may be required to submit SAT II subject test results.

    2. You will have to check with each one. Bottom line - IELTS is a U.K. exam and TOEFL is a U.S. exam.

    Without a doubt - TOEFL is always preferred.

    3. Totally different - for example, there is no such thing as Honour Degree. Also, it is rare that the U.S. degree requires a thesis.

    And the bottom line - The U.K. system is a 3-year system (align with GCS A-level). The U.S. system is a 4-year system.

    4. No recommendation.

    However - a friendly reminder - Psychology is a regulated professional in the U.S. So there is a licensing process. Bachelor degree is simply not enough to be a licensed psychologist.

    5. Your natural chance for Princeton is higher than UCLA due to admission policy. UCLA is a public school. So admission opportunity is reserved for California residents in the majority.

    Any non-mandatory community service helps.

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