Has anyone ever removed a spirit or entity that was done remotely?

Please I want serious answers. I want to hear from someone who has had an entity problem and had it removed remotely (at distance) by a professional who can clear entities or spirits. if you're going to joke or be rude, plz don't answer.

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  • Covah
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    6 years ago
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    NO, I've done spirit cleansing's for others & oneself many times... distant ones are a Hoax = $$$.

    You can do a "spirit cleanse" yourself by getting a smudging kit. All said cleanse does is draw out negative energy & replace it with a positive one. It's best to keep "negative vibes" from your home to begin with so depending on everyone's attitude in your home... you may have to cleanse said home monthly.

    NEVER pay for such nonsense & that includes so called "psychics & ghost hunters".... Those of us that are truly "gifted" use said "gift" to help others in need. We don't need to "con" anyone so please stay away from such "services."

    Source(s): A Brit/Romanian channeler/seer related to Vlad Tepes. I study angelology, demonology, "dead" languages, & beings most refuse to believe exist from beyond the Veil.
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  • 6 years ago

    I hope you don't think it's rude to ask how you could possibly know that a remote paranormal 'cleaning' service has actually done anything other than take your money? When I hire a housekeeper, I can see that the dusting has been done and the floor mopped, and know that I'm getting what I've paid for. I'm trying to understand how someone would know that invisible powers or entities have been removed from their home or person.



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  • Yes, I speak of me obviously, several years ago I was subject to a spell with spiritual rituals made exclusively through the spirits of demons, these were Esoteric, today people can define to witches, or Medium, think a bit, their magic departed from Italy up at the America, but God broke their spell, it was only for the purpose of attraction and hitch to my friends Esoteric, opposed to Me, they are the * REAL * Charmed *!! But God, the eternal, broke their spell!

    There are professionals who can remove the spell on a person unless they are from God, so is God to intervene, through the prayers of his faithful believers!

    He did not believe that there may be people capable of doing so, these people are lying, the spirits will run for a while, and then returned to the person designated by the same magic of who did the spell.

    Then, people like, spiritualists, magicians, sorcerers, etc ..., the magic is in their hands, how they can free people completely? They may perhaps make miracles?

    NO! Only God works miracles!

    Therefore the sorcerers can only operate on people, but limited as mentioned!

    Thanks for your attention, cordially, Robert. Hello!

    • A
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      are you talking about Christianity?

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  • 6 years ago

    Not distant ones. I have little belief in distant spiritualism. I only do distance reiki. But I have cleansed a house ones yes. My own. It had a nasty poltergeist bugging me and my mother at midnight moving tables, rappings on doors and footsteps. My mother was very skeptical at first until they checked her house for pipes, leakings and it was all fine. Since that poltergeist my mother kept cleansing her house and became so deep into New Age.

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