How should I talk to my dad about moving out and playing college soccer?

I am currently a senior at Strong Rock Christian School in Georgia. Last year, I was cut from my previous high school (Eagles Landing Christian Academy) due to injury. I cussed out the coach and got suspended for days. However, their principal told my dad that I will never touch the field ever again. I transfer to a rival high school the next year. I tryout for the local club soccer team (FFC United) near home and made it with my mom's support even though we kept it from my dad. Currently, I played for my current high school's varsity soccer team. I got two offers (D-III Pine Manor at Massachusetts and NAIA Lincoln Christian in Illinois) with recruitment interest letters from (D-III Blackburn College in Illinois) but my dad want me to stay at Clayton State University near my house. Clayton State is High-Level Division II so there is very little chance I could make it as a walkon. How should I talk to my dad about moving out and playing college soccer?

There is several thing to put into perspective:

(1) I had almost complete my application for Pine Manor. However, my application of Lincoln Christian and Blackburn are not accomplished yet. Blackburn required me to use paypal to pay for my application.

(2) Clayton State is around $10,000. Blackburn is $24,000 (w/ room and board). Pine Manor is $40,000 (w/ room and board). I could get financial aid but it is not guaranteed.

(3) My dad had anger issues. He thought I am not going anywhere with soccer.


(4) My dad don't care about sports, never came to my soccer game, thought sports is only for entertainment (myth for D-III even though true for D-I)

Update 2:

(5) my dad assumed that I am immature to be able to attend college outside of home.

Update 3:

To any of you, I have a 3.2 GPA and a 21 ACT score. However, I took bunches of honor courses.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Timmy, how are your grades? What are your SAT and GPA?

    You can't rely on playing professional sport (of any kind) for the rest of your life. You really do need a back up plan. It is furthermore exceedingly difficult to work as one, too (you have to be extremely good at it). Even if you get a scholarship, you still have to maintain your grades, as well.

    Plan it out - don't just look at tomorrow or next month - look years ahead of yourself. As badly as you get along with your father, he will not be here forever.

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  • 6 years ago

    Well if you participate on college soccer, that will count as Extra Curricular Activities which will help in getting scholarship on college. If you have 4 GPA on high school and 2400 score on SAT, and no Extra Curricular Activities, then you will not be accepted on good colleges. My cousin got 1900 on SAT and had 3.9 GPA and took part on college soccer and basketball, he was accepted by Harvard University. Say this to you dad and I will be sure he will understand for good colleges.

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  • 6 years ago

    Why would your dad be mad? Most professional soccer players pull down $6,000 a year? You could pay your dad back in less than 30 years.

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