A lot of white steam while car is cold?

White steam comes out when my car is cold, stops after around 3-5min.

And I noticed car is burning some oil? Can anyone point me in the right direction what might be up?

1L of oil per 1000 km


0.26 gallons of oil per 620 miles.


It's lexus is200 2002 model 130k km on the clock, sry

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  • 6 years ago
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    yr/make/model/engine options????



    steam for 3-5 min till the exhaust system warms up maybe normal. ambaint over night and daytime temps may effect the rate in which one sees that.

    oil consumption could be non related. an older mileage engine might have leaky valve guide seals allowing oil to be sucked into the chambers and burned. or weak compression rings that allow for too much blowby. external oil leaks and a clogged PCV-Primary Crankcase Ventalation valve or system, are also in play.

    the few places that those two issues might be related would be head to block and or intake to head (app) areas. as oil and coolant sealing may both be covered in those two areas.

    need to be at lest a *proficiant* novice mechanic to diagnose/address those possibilities.

    otherwise, reputable ASE shop or the dealer is best.


    very generic. as we don't know the platform in Q. as such some info may not apply (app), and some info maybe omited. can't cover all configs and possibilities. hence the *generic* reply.

  • 6 years ago

    ANTON< Really now! What YEAR, MAKE, MODEL Engine size, COUNTRY of ORIGIN, MILEAGE and TRANS type do you have here! BE SPECIFIC! NO ONE can help you without MORE INFO! GOOD BYE!

    • Michael6 years agoReport

      this is a basic mechanical problem, you don,t need to be exactly specific with this one. What is with all the caps !!!!!

  • 6 years ago

    Make, Model and Year info is helpful and an odo-reading too.

  • 5 years ago

    yes, out of engine when car is cold and sat for a while. It smells a little like antifreeze. no leaks found.

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  • (A)
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    6 years ago

    possible gasket problem.

  • Tony
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    6 years ago

    where is the steam coming from?

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