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Madeline: Hi, Jeff. Thanks for inviting us. And sorry we’re a bit

late. Simon decided to take the scenic route.

Simon: Well, a captain is only as good as his navigator.

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    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Chinese said, "罵人不用髒話." I think this is a good example.

    Madeline tries to blame Simon for being late by saying, "Simon decided to take the scenic route." However, Simon would NOT take the blame by responding, "a captain (Simon) is only as good as his navigator (Madeline)."

    Got it?

    2014-04-25 12:30:20 補充:

    This kind of expression is very common in a daily conversation. The variation can be:

    A: My car is still not function properly.

    B: As a mechanics, I am just as good as your car. (implies the car is a junk)

    2014-04-25 12:41:37 補充:

    mechanics (力學) ==> mechanic (汽車修理工)

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